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Article Published February 24, 2021

Voluntary Pay Program

We feel so lucky to be able to talk to you every week by showing up in your mailbox, and we love that many of our readers feel passionate enough to submit letters to the editor to continue the conversation. What is it that you love about your local paper? The hyper-local focus on what's going on right around you that you can find both in print and on our website, Zip06? The in-depth features? Seeing if a friend is this week's Person of the Week? Or is it reading all the letters during political season?

Whatever your “why,” we greatly appreciate your support!

Your annual contribution of $25 makes a huge difference! It allows us to continue to provide high quality content every week and support more than 50 community non-profits each year. We believe that local news connects communities, and we are proud to provide this service. Please know that even if you are unable to make a contribution, you will continue to receive your paper each week.

For 2020, we are pleased to offer donors who contribute $50 or more a gift of the pictured reusable tote bag!