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Article Published October 7, 2020

A Great Communicator

By Susan Dahill

When I first met State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12) two years ago, I was impressed by her intelligence, her energy, and her commitment to serving her community. Now I have to another descriptive: great communicator (with apologies to Ronald Reagan.) In the months since we first learned about the pandemic, it has been challenging to get accurate and timely information about the pandemic’s impact on our town and its neighbors. Christine’s emails to her constituents reported the spread of the virus in our area, social distancing protocols, the plans for closing and reopening businesses and schools, assistance available to those out of work, quarantine protocols, and absentee voting procedures.

Christine has kept us up to date on the water treatment plant spill that closed our beaches and the status of the power outages during the recent storms. She even made a video explaining how to fill out your application for an absentee ballot.

Christine has earned my gratitude and my enthusiastic vote for a second term as our state senator.

Susan Dahill