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Article Published November 4, 2020

The Foundational Problem

By Dean Cloutier

We recently discovered that our third Trump/Pence lawn sign was taken during the night. The message to us is that only certain politics and signs are tolerated and acceptable.

Where is the tolerance for opposing political views? Is this how some hope to win elections, by stealing lawn signs and stifling free speech? My wife and I have never had anyone confront us about our signs. Only at night, under the cover of darkness, are our signs taken.

What is it about darkness that brings out the worst in people? Why is all the rioting, looting, and arson we see happening in cities done at night? The Bible says, “that men love darkness rather than light, lest their evil deeds be exposed.”

Some of our neighbors, whom we care for, have Biden/Harris and BLM signs on their lawns that have never been touched. We are unaware if they have had any problems, but if Democrat signs are being taken, that is just as wrong.

Political signs aside, I really think the foundational problem in this matter is a moral one. You may disagree with our politics, but you don’t have to rob our signs. We’ll be putting out a fourth Trump/Pence sign and praying for that no one take it. Stealing signs may have political motivations, but they are immoral acts. We shouldn’t justify political gain with moral loss.

Dean Cloutier