Sunday, November 29, 2020


Played a Significant Part

As a recent Connecticut transplant to Guilford, I have been immediately impressed by the leadership of our State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12) and State Representative Sean Scanlon (D-98). Their accessibility, engagement with the community, and consistent communication with their constituents has helped me to learn and become involved with my new community.

It is hard to overstate the challenges we face locally, in Connecticut, regionally, the USA, and, in fact the world. I feel privileged to live in a town and where my representatives value the environment, access to affordable health care, and intelligent gun safety laws. Both Cohen and Scanlon have proven they know the importance of small businesses to our community and I appreciate their work to help those businesses thrive and not just since the pandemic, but consistently over their tenures, securing the crucial protections they needed before and during quarantine.

Connecticut has done relatively well with the COVID-19 challenges due to the leadership at the state and local level. I believe Christine Cohen and Sean Scanlon played a significant part of making us as safe and as sound as possible at this time. They have each earned my vote and I believe the votes of my neighbors, their constituents in Guilford, and I hope your readers will join me in voting for them on Nov. 3.

Frank J. Sirianni