Sunday, November 29, 2020


Differences Are Glaring

I am writing this letter in support of the candidacy of Joe LaPorta to be the next state senator from the 12th District. Joe Laporta is a native of Waterbury and has lived in Madison with his wife and four children since 2017. He has three degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Hartford and works for a major utility in this area. LaPorta is committed to sound fiscal policies, addressing the on-going budget crisis in Hartford, and respecting and supporting of our existing institutions. These institutions would include law enforcement and the nuclear family. When one contrasts Joe LaPorta’s position on these matters to those of his opponent, the differences are glaring.

According to a recent social media posting, State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12) appeared to give unqualified support to Black Lives Matter Recently Ms. Cohen was the beneficiary of a rally on her behalf by CT Shoreline Indivisible. Shoreline Indivisible is part of a nationwide consortium of progressive organizations and is a member organization of the Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance. The rights alliance shares many of the same society-altering goals of Black Lives Matter.

Reflective of this line of thinking, Senator Cohen recently voted to support the controversial police reform legislation. This legislation modified qualified immunity for police against civil suits for conduct while performing their duties. The practical effect of this legislation is to greatly increase the cost of municipal insurance, drive existing police personal to early retirement and inhibit the recruitment of law enforcement personnel in the future.

Senator Cohen’s sympathies are totally out of line with the thinking of the majority of the voters of the 12 District. I encourage your readers to support Joe LaPorta on Nov. 3.

David Egan