Sunday, November 29, 2020


Recognizes our Problems

I write to enthusiastically endorse Joe LaPorta to represent Guilford as part of Connecticut’s 12th Senatorial District.

Unfortunately, Connecticut’s communities are governed by a one-party administration that, like any monopolistic organization, is unlikely to act in the best interests of those it purports to serve as there is no counterbalance to keep it focused. Over time, our state has been reduced from the economic powerhouse that attracted people to come and share our prosperity, to one of the states that people leave.

Statistics show we are amongst the most heavily taxed in the nation, with more to come. We offer an unfriendly business environment; consequently businesses and jobs are leaving as are young people, for better prospects elsewhere. Connecticut is also ranked amongst the worst for retirees, and being one of few states to tax social security gives even more reason for seniors to take their lifetime wealth to other states.

Tolls are another issue. Proponents have been quiet of late, but tolls are still in prospect. There will never be enough money, and tolls are easy pickings and are just another tax. Who realistically thinks that tolls won’t cause further harm to our household budgets as well as to our state’s economy and commerce?

Fortunately Joe recognizes our problems and that it’s our out-of-control spending that is holding us back. He will work to enact sensible policies to make us competitive with the best in our nation and make us the envy of other states once again.

Let’s recognize that our state’s governing monoculture has so badly let us down, and bring some diversity of thought back to Hartford. We owe this to our children and ourselves.

Let’s elect Joe LaPorta on Nov. 3 for the sake of our state’s economy and our own individual prosperity.

David Roberts