Sunday, November 29, 2020


Record of Delivering Results

I am writing in support of Sean Scanlon for re-election as state representative for the 98th District this Nov. 3.

Since a record cannot actually speak for itself, I would like to take a moment to point out some of the accomplishments that Sean has been able to achieve in his almost six years as a state representative. Sean has worked tirelessly on many issues of concern to Guilford, Branford, and the entire state. As chair of the Insurance and Real Estate Committee, his particular focus has been on healthcare, including mental health. Sean has worked to address the opioid epidemic that challenges many individuals and families in our region and state. This year he passed bipartisan legislation capping the copay for insulin at $25/month (lowest in the nation) so that the life-saving drug will be affordable for all. Sean was also instrumental in sponsoring and working to pass Ethan’s Law, designed to encourage responsible gun storage.

At the present time, Sean continues to work to make sure that our regulated utilities are held responsible for preventable interruptions in service to Connecticut residents. Of course, Sean has been working with state and local leaders to address the myriad issues associated with the COVID-19 epidemic. Over the summer, he helped pass legislation ensuring everyone will have access to telehealth services through next year and voted “Yes” on the bill allowing anyone to vote by absentee ballot this year if they do not feel safe going to the polls.

Sean has a long record of delivering results for our community. I encourage everyone to vote this Nov. 3 and to reelect Sean Scanlon as state representative for Guilford and Branford.

Selectman Lou Federici (D)