Wednesday, March 03, 2021


A Real Change of Direction

Our state is not doing well, so it’s time we had a real change of direction and Joe LaPorta will work for this when elected on Nov. 3 to serve Guilford in the 12th State Senate District.

Look at how our once-mighty state has fallen after being governed by one party for so long. It’s a sad state of affairs, Our once-thriving economy is ranked close to worst in the nation. In fact, prior to the virus we had yet to recover all jobs lost in the previous downturn.

The status quo has served us poorly and we are amongst the highest taxed in the nation. We chase away businesses that take their jobs with them. The young leave for better prospects and lower living expenses, while seniors take their accumulated wealth where it will buy a better retirement, and where Social Security benefits will not be taxed as in Connecticut.

With record un-funded obligations and our crumpling infrastructure adding to our predicament, and while our economy is tepid at best, we are facing serious challenges that require a new direction in Hartford. We should not forget that tolls are still on the horizon, and it seems likely this tax will cause even more economic harm.

The lazy way is to tax us more. Instead we must accept we have a spending problem and find savings. Other states manage well with much less, why can’t we?

On Nov. 3, I encourage your readers to give our state the chance for that much-needed change in direction by electing Joe LaPorta to represent Guilford in the State Senate.

Patrizia Di Lonardo