Sunday, November 29, 2020


Prepared, Inquisitive, and Reasonable

With all that is facing public education today, it is truly fortunate that Christine Cohen (D-12) is representing Guilford in the State Senate. We served together on Guilford’s Board of Education for six years. She was thoughtful, always prepared, inquisitive, and reasonable.

She was actively involved in the broad range of duties of a board member—curriculum development, improving instruction, performance reviews, budget, labor negotiations, and dozens of others. She attended countless meetings over six years. This gives Christine a valuable perspective on public education that she has carried to the Senate. She knows what works to improve schools and how the state can help towns and cities. But she also knows that often it’s better for the state to leave it to us.

Experience matters. When it comes to enacting laws affecting public education, there is no substitute for learning as a board member exactly what our educators, students, and parents need to develop a thriving learning community. Christine’s six years of highly effective service to Guilford’s students has helped her over the past two years to be an effective state senator.

I have already cast my vote for Christine and encourage all who care about experienced leaders who know how to help our schools to be the best they can be to do the same.

Bill Bloss