Wednesday, March 03, 2021


Absolute Devotion to Family

On Nov. 3, I will be casting my first vote as a Branford resident and I will proudly be voting for Marc Riccio for 102nd District state representative. I first met Marc when I served as the first selectman of Trumbull and would get to know him even more when I ran for governor. During his time in office, Marc has voted for responsible budgets that have kept taxes in Branford stable, while making meaningful investments in public education and the town’s infrastructure.

Marc’s successful business career is further proof why he is needed in Hartford. At a time when state government is fundamentally broken, we need a state representative who knows how to create jobs and meet a payroll. Literally, from the basement of his home, Marc launched Specialized Data Systems, a successful data software company, where Marc currently serves as the president and CEO.

The one thing that impresses me most about Marc is his absolute devotion to his family. Last year, Marc’s older brother lost a courageous battle with cancer. The love Marc showed for his brother and he continues to show for his brother’s family tells me all I need to know about whether a person will be a good public servant. Marc is a good person who cares about his family and who cares about people. Marc will go to Hartford to fight for the people of Branford. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, I think we can all agree that one-party rule is bad for our state. If Connecticut is to ever make a comeback, its starts by restoring balance in our state government. It is for these reasons that I will proudly cast my ballot for Marc Riccio on Nov. 3 and I encourage your readers to do the same.

Timothy M. Herbst