Thursday, March 04, 2021


Steady and Effective

Christine Cohen (D) is the right person to represent Guilford as our state senator in the 12th District! She has worked tirelessly in her first term to improve the environment for all of us and future generations. Christine has also been an advocate for the business community through smart regulation, helping them to thrive.

During this awful COVID pandemic, she has provided daily updates that have proven invaluable. Armed with accurate information, we can make our own decisions as to how best to protect our families and neighbors. Christine also works alongside our local police to understand how she can support them and ensure officers have the tools and resources they need.

Christine brings a diligent and thoughtful approach to her decision-making, and prides herself on working across the aisle. She truly listens to her constituents and community. In this challenging time, we need steady and effective leaders like Christine. That is why I am voting for Christine Cohen for our state senator on Nov. 3.

Susan Welsh