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Amter Will Always Cherish Good Times with the Crew


Gregg Amter made many lifelong friends during the three seasons that he competed for the Guilford boys’ rowing team.

Photo courtesy of Gregg Amter

Gregg Amter made many lifelong friends during the three seasons that he competed for the Guilford boys’ rowing team. (Photo courtesy of Gregg Amter )

Gregg Amter was ready to lead the Guilford High School boys’ rowing team to a successful season on the water this spring. Gregg had been a member of the crew since his freshman year after first getting involved with rowing through a camp when he was in 7th grade. From there, Gregg’s interest in the sport piqued, and he eventually worked his way up to the rank of captain for Guilford as a senior.

Gregg and his teammates weren’t able to compete this spring as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Gregg says the relationships that he created with his fellow rowers during the previous three seasons will always mean a lot to him.

“My favorite aspect of the sport is the team camaraderie. Through all of the years on the team, we all became so close, and made so many good memories together,” Gregg says. “The sport itself requires everyone in the boat to work together and, through that, you meet some of your best friends. Working close to them every day gets you truly connected to them.”

Gregg rowed in the middle of the 5-seat boat for Guilford. One of the strongest members of the team, Gregg built upon that power by consistently working out and taking great advice from his coaches.

“The coaches on the team always want the best for us, and they push us to do better every day,” says Gregg. “I’ve become close with the coaches on the team, and I’m super grateful for all that they have done for the team and I. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish as much as we have in the past few years. Also, working on good posture is key for rowing, because your technique in the boat is very important to being a good rower.”

Gregg improved with each season that he competed for the Guilford crew. Gregg trained on rowing machines nearly every day in an effort to help his boat post the best times possible.

“My favorite moment would be when we would accomplish something as a team, whether it be winning a race or doing good on our 2K tests,” Gregg says. “The feeling of doing a good job as a team is a great feeling, and it’s unmatched. And coming back after a race to see [assistant Coach Nick Hill] after we had a good performance on the water is a great feeling.”

Guilford Head Coach Matt Wilson compliments Gregg for his dedication to the team. Wilson says that Gregg’s enthusiasm for rowing was clear when he made the varsity boat as a sophomore.

“Gregg came to practice every day with a positive attitude. He was focused on improving his technique, strength, and endurance. The commitment he showed to the sport helped shape him into one of the strongest rowers on the team,” says Wilson. “Gregg’s dedication to his teammates is unmatched. He was always at the forefront of making sure the team morale was high and promoted a culture where the team came first. Gregg embodied the qualities that a coach would want from a leader and captain.”

Gregg also credits his teammates and the sport itself for helping him break out of his shell. Gregg says that rowing crew at Guilford has truly brought out the best in him.

“I’ve always been a shy person in my life and, honestly, crew has changed me and made me a better person,” says Gregg. “I went from being a shy kid as a freshman to being outgoing and becoming a captain for my senior year. Joining the team has really changed my life, and I’ve made amazing memories through it.”

One of Gregg’s fondest memories of rowing for Guilford was when he helped his boat take home a second-place medal at states in his freshman year.

“It was such a great feeling,” says Gregg. “And just thinking back to it gets me excited.”

Gregg never really participated in sports until he started doing crew. Gregg knows that he made a great choice when he decided to row at his hometown high school.

“I’ve met some of my best friends through the crew team and love hanging out with them outside of crew. It’s a fun sport, and the team is great,” Gregg says. “When I joined, it almost clicked for me, and I enjoyed it more and more as time went on. Joining the team was the best decision I made in high school.”

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