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April 4, 2020
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Captain Morgan

Sports • Published April 02, 2020 02:22 p.m.

Anglers Respond to Early Fishing Season

In an attempt to reduce large crowds and limit the spread of COVID-19, Governor Ned Lamont issued Executive Order 7L on March 24. With a stroke of his pen, Lamont ordered the opening of many lakes,...

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Sports • Published March 26, 2020 03:34 p.m.

Fishing From a Distance

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is winding its way into everyone’s conversations and monopolizing the discussion. While COVID-19 should clearly be taken seriously, we remain hopeful...

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Sports • Published March 20, 2020 03:38 p.m.

A New Season is Upon Us

Spring will be officially here at 11:50 p.m. on Thursday, March 19 as those who celebrate the vernal equinox welcome the change of seasons. Life is about to be in full bloom, while below the...

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Sports • Published March 12, 2020 03:56 p.m.

Stop Dreaming and Start Fishing

We all yearn for that trip of a lifetime or the one favorite that we return to as often as possible. Some are distant and require flight time, while others are just a long drive. When there, we...

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Sports • Published March 06, 2020 04:21 p.m.

March Comes in Like a Lamb

A new fishing season is upon us as meteorological spring came in on March 1 and will be followed by astrological spring (the vernal equinox) on Thursday, March 19. From the reefs of Florida to the ...

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Sports • Published Feb. 27, 2020 12:58 p.m.

How is Fishing the Sound Shaping Up for 2020?

From all indications, 2020 will be another strong year for the black sea bass fishery and a reasonably good year for the porgy (scup) fishery. Although black sea bass can technically absorb an...

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Sports • Published Feb. 20, 2020 01:54 p.m.

ASMFC Says No to Conservation Equivalency for Bass and Blues

A scheduled meeting of the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection to gain input on proposed conservation equivalency (CE) jointly proposed by Connecticut, Rhode Island,...

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Sports • Published Feb. 15, 2020 01:30 a.m.

Head to Head, Striped Bass Are the Losers

Conservation equivalency (CE) is a term used in fisheries management defined as “actions taken by a state which differ from the specific requirements of the Fisheries Management Program,...

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Sports • Published Feb. 06, 2020 01:23 p.m.

Fifty Years Ago

It was January and a voice on the other end of the phone said, “Hey, Cap, how would you like to head down south this weekend?” I responded by asking, “Great! Where?”...

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Sports • Published Jan. 30, 2020 04:18 p.m.

Is Winter Making Way for an Early Spring?

The Lunar New Year, which is the beginning of a calendar year whose months coincide with the cycles of the moon, passed one day after our recent new moon. During the new moon, the sky is at its...

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Sports • Published Jan. 23, 2020 02:39 p.m.

Circle Hooks Take Center Stage

We have come a long way from the Neolithic Era of 9,000 B.C., when fish hooks were made of bone, wood, flint, or the like. Fast forward to London where, in 1496, Dame Julianna Berners penned The...

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Sports • Published Jan. 16, 2020 04:26 p.m.

In Spite of it All, Connecticut Fishing Has a Lot to Offer

One magnificent thing about historic Connecticut is the variety of adventures that can be experienced throughout this relatively small state. The Connecticut River means “long tidal...

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Sports • Published Jan. 09, 2020 12:52 p.m.

A New Decade Begins

Fishers are attracted to many species indigenous to Long Island Sound and those appearing seasonally. Some, like black sea bass, are pursued for their food quality, while others, such as striped...

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Sports • Published Jan. 02, 2020 02:51 p.m.

2019 Fishing Year in Review

The throes of winter were felt in early January, when we finally had enough moderate ice develop for some ice fishing. Conditions along the shoreline varied, causing serious hard-water hole...

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Sports • Published Dec. 19, 2019 02:25 p.m.

Then One Foggy Christmas Eve...

Will Santa fulfill your fishing wishes? It seems as though he was exceptionally busy this year as more elves had to be rounded up and trained to work the busy assembly lines. Even those had to be...

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Sports • Published Dec. 12, 2019 01:43 p.m.

Straight from the Rake

Who can resist a plate of absolutely fresh bivalves plucked from the cool waters of Long Island Sound? If you live by the shoreline within close proximity to recreational shellfish beds, then the...

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Sports • Published Dec. 05, 2019 01:46 p.m.

Stretching Out the Season

Snow has been sweeping across the country, including a bomb cyclone with plummeting atmospheric pressure. Even though us southern New Englanders have been battling some angry seas, water...

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Sports • Published Nov. 28, 2019 09:28 a.m.

A Heartwarming Thanksgiving to All

Hopefully, you are all enjoying a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday. A few of you may have even had an opportunity to wet a line while escaping the hustle, bustle, and chatter that goes along with...

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Sports • Published Nov. 21, 2019 02:49 p.m.

As the Fall Fishing Season Continues...

The November weather has been predictably unpredictable. The only type of pattern that our weather is taking is an erratic one. Normally, we hop on the weather coaster in the fall and take that up-...

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Sports • Published Nov. 15, 2019 03:05 p.m.

Atlantic Menhaden Management Board Takes Action

A key point of interest at the 78th Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) was the harvesting of Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus), an important forage fish and filter feeder in ...

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Sports • Published Nov. 07, 2019 02:25 p.m.

Striped Bass Board Takes Action at ASMFC Meeting

Members of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) recently gathered at their 78th annual meeting in New Castle, New Hampshire, where various management boards hashed out...

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Sports • Published Nov. 01, 2019 02:55 p.m.

Experience Near-Shore Fishing at its Best

Now is the time to slip into your small vessel and quietly work the shoreline for striped bass. While fishers are converging on the reefs and walls to crab for ‘togs, these strips of...

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Sports • Published Oct. 24, 2019 03:38 p.m.

Winners of the 31st Annual Veterans Memorial ‘Tog Tourney Announced

As the fall season launched, battling the weather proved more challenging than jousting with the tough-skinned blackfish (tautog). Not only were double-digits hard to come by, but the road to them ...

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Sports • Published Oct. 17, 2019 04:22 p.m.

Favorable Weather Broke for the ‘Toggers

The 31st annual Veterans Memorial ‘Tog Tourney opened under weathered skies and unsettled seas as ‘tog pullers bit the bullet in search of the elusive white chin. Once the fall...

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Sports • Published Oct. 10, 2019 03:33 p.m.

31st Annual Veterans Memorial Blackfish Tourney Starts Saturday

Let the fun begin! To some, the water may seem a bit warm. For other ‘tog pullers, they know better. The way our weather has been bouncing all over the charts, water temperatures have been...

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