Prints, Inserts, and Ad-Notes

Zip-code target the exact areas you want to reach with inserts and flyers.

Ad Notes

Ad-Note Rates

Full color 3" x 3" repositionable note placed on front page. 10,000 minimum.

25,000 or more...........$68/thousand
10,000 or more...........$78/thousand

Shapes, scratch-off, and perforations available at no additional charge!

Run 50,000 within 1 year, receive 5% off!

Run 100,000 within 1 year, receive 10% off!

Insert Rates

(one zip code minimum)

$48 per thousand for a piece .5 oz and less
$5 per thousand each additional .1 oz

Minimum insert accepted: 5.5" x 8.5"
Maximum insert accepted: 11" x 11" (may be folded)

Printing rates available upon request.

Direct Mail

Printing and Direct Mail

Multiple options available:

  • In-Store Flyers
  • Coupons
  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • Menus

and so much more!

Design Services

Need help designing something that's not running within our products? No problem! Our design team is here to help.

  • Logo Creation
  • Business Card Design
  • Brochures or Posters
  • Ad Design for other media

$40/HALF HOUR (Time is estimated upon start of project and recorded during design.)

Last Updated: January 2021