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Article Published September 2, 2020

Lift Us Up

By Stacey Bonet

I’m voting for Dave Yaccarino for my family—my Italian-American and Puerto Rican family, my funny, loving, kind, curious, and wonderful family! Without my good union job and my husband’s job, we wouldn’t be able to afford our beautiful home in East Haven. We are very fortunate. Sadly though, there are many members of our community who are less fortunate.

Recently, I had a responsible and socially distanced conversation with Dave Yaccarino on my front porch. It made me confident that as state representative, he will be the innovative advocate my family and all families and individuals need. I know he will be a strong fighter for the education funding our town needs. I know Dave will push for the infrastructure and state support our town needs to continue to thrive. I know Dave will represent the best interests of all of us in East Haven.

I know he will do all he can to lift us up and help the town and all its residents be the best East Haven we can be.

Stacey Bonet

East Haven