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Article Published January 23, 2018

Police Incident Report for Jan. 4 to 10

The Guilford Courier publishes a Police Incident Report to inform residents of incidents, criminal activities, and police responses occurring in town. As those charged are presumed innocent until proven guilty, the report does not include names. It may be edited for space and content.

Thursday, Jan. 4

No arrests were made.

• Criminal mischief was investigated at 244 Church Street at 12:02 p.m. Air was let out of a tire.

Friday, Jan. 5

No arrests were made.

Saturday, Jan. 6

• A 21 year-old man and a 20 year-old woman of the same Dohm Avenue residence were arrested at 1 p.m. and charged with disorderly conduct and assault in the third degree under the Domestic Violence Act.

• A domestic dispute was investigated on the 800 block of Jennifers Drive at 12:32 a.m.

• A motor vehicle crash that resulted in property damage was investigated in front of 32 Michelle Lane at 7:55 a.m. The mailbox was struck the prior evening by a neighbor’s friend.

• A person brought a bag of mercury into the police station lobby at 1:24 a.m. The person was advised to step outside with the bag. The Fire Department was summoned and took care of the bag.

• A complaint about an unwanted person was investigated on High Ridge Road at 6:04 p.m.

Sunday, Jan. 7 to Monday, Jan. 8

No arrests were made.

Tuesday, Jan. 9

• A 56 year-old man of Edward Street was arrested at 1:50 p.m. and charged with criminal mischief in the third degree.

• A pedestrian was struck in front of Walmart, 900 Boston Post Road, at 11:06 a.m.

• A larceny was investigated at 1919 Boston Post Road at 9:01 p.m.

• Breach of peace was investigated at Guilford Sporting Goods, 934 Boston Post Road, at 5:27 p.m. A panic alarm was pressed due to a customer dispute.

Wednesday, Jan. 10

• A 21 year-old Madison man was arrested at 4:22 p.m. and charged with larceny in the sixth degree, conspiracy to commit larceny in the sixth degree, three counts of credit card theft, and three counts of conspiracy to commit credit card theft.

• Collateral recovery faxed a property repossession completion report to police for 1159 West Lake Avenue at 12:35 p.m.

• Collateral recover faxed a property repossession completion report to police for 12 Wheeler Path at 12:40 p.m.

• Threatening was investigated at Red Roof Suites, 2300 Boston Post Road, at 2:31 p.m.

• Breach of peace was investigated at Wendy’s, 570 Boston Post Road, at 3:31 p.m. A terminated employee would not leave the property.


The Guilford Police Department installs children’s car seats free for the asking. Call 203-453-8061 for information.

The Guilford Police Department operates an anonymous tip line to report any criminal suspicious activity for investigation at 203-453-8240.


Senior correspondent Jason J. Marchi compiles the Police Incident Report.