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Article Published October 16, 2019

A Vital Community Spirit

By Rob Clark

My wife and I grew up in small New England towns, but we met in the big city where we began our careers. We were married in 1975 and bought our house in Killingworth in 1976, eager to return to small town life. I have known personally five predecessors to Cathy Iino in the first selectman position. None were as approachable as Cathy. Cathy is engageable and her leadership style is facilitative.

During her time in office, Parmelee Farm has flourished. Civic organizations from youth sports to service groups to book clubs to gardening have thrived. Killingworth is the rare town that can support all-volunteer fire and ambulance services (helping to contain the budget).

In my view, not only her regular attendance at civic events, but her style, contribute to a vital community spirit. We have our differences. Town offices are contested. But commitment to the town is universal. I believe we are all fortunate to have had the benefits of Cathy’s leadership and I encourage my neighbors to support her leadership for another term.

Rob Clark