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Article Published April 14, 2020

Charles Clifford Hall

Charles Clifford Hall, born Oct. 28, 1938, son of Erma and Clifford Hall of Old Lyme, died April 8 with dignity at home under his beautiful Aztec blanket with his wife whispering in his good ear how much he was loved.

Married to Cathe McLaughlin Hall for an amazing amount of years, Charles was a proud Marine who never let you forget it! He, along with his partner James Connors, ran a very successful company, Saybrook Oil. Retiring at 60 he enjoyed the good life for another 21 years.

Charles is survived by his wife and partner in crime who will miss him and his devilish blue eyes until she joins him; children David, Ian, Jessica, and Shannon; grandchildren Henry, Oliver, and Max; and their two cats, Tiger and FredyBeanBag.

A Memorial Bash will be held at a later date when Covid 19 takes a hike. “Honey, Semper Fi—Lock and Load! P.S.—I’ll find you.”