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Article Published May 14, 2020

COVID-19: Tips on How to Cope

By Staff report

The National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) is offering a COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide online at

The guide includes general information on COVID-19, information about scams and frauds, and how to deal with stress and anxiety.

The guide recommends managing how information is consumed and making sure it is from credible, reputable sources, and placing limits on news consumption.

“Watching or listening to the same news constantly can increase stress,” it suggests. “Reading can be an easier medium to control how much and what kind of information you are absorbing.”

It also recommends following daily routines and habits: “Make your bed. Get dressed. Connect with loved ones. Move your body. Make time for breaks...Prioritize sleep and practice...Eat nutritious food as much as possible...”

It also provides information about mindfulness practices, meditation, breathing, and more.

Tips on how to stay connected with others and maintain your social networks include the following:

• Make sure you have the phone numbers and emails of close friends and family

• Stay connected via phone, email, social media, and video calls

• Offer to help others if you can

• Ask for help when you need it

• Share how you’re feeling with people you trust

• Regularly call, text or email with family and friends who may have more limited social contact—elderly people, those with disabilities, those who live alone, those who are quarantined or at high risk because of chronic health conditions

• If talking about COVID-19 is affecting your mental health, set boundaries with people about how much and when talk you about COVID-19. Balance this with other topics you’d usually discuss.

• If you are living with other people, communicate expectations about how to live well together while staying home

• Do virtual activities together

• Plan virtual dinners and coffee breaks

• Do at-home crafts and activities over a video call

• Watch a virtual concert together

• Read the same book or watch the same movie/TV show and talk about it

• Play online multi-player video games

• Join an online exercise class