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Article Published June 17, 2020

In Times of Crisis

By Roseann Ventimiglia

The announcement that Christine Palm was unanimously endorsed by Democrats for a second term as state representative for the 36th Assembly District is good news for our district. Representative Palm has been doing great work for the residents of our towns during her first term.

Whether advocating for improved business opportunities for young adults, the healthcare needs of seniors, the economic concerns of families, or safeguarding our environment, she is a leader who has earned our trust. I was particularly impressed with her attention to the many aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wellness outreach to constituents was only one way she helped our community cope.

Her weekly email updates provide helpful information and show an acute understanding of the social and economic impact on individuals, families, business owners, workers, and our most vulnerable. She has also been working with other legislators to expand use of the absentee ballot to ensure safe voting in November.

It seems to me that the test of a leader is how she responds in times of crisis. Christine Palm has given us good reason to vote to elect her to a second term as our representative.

Roseann Ventimiglia