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Article Published August 13, 2020

Real Estate Transactions for Aug. 13


18 Fair Street Unit 8: Estate of Jane C. Roche and Matthew E. Smith to Landa M. Freeman RET and Landa M. Freeman, $750,000 on July 20

153 Flat Iron Road: John P. Rosenkrantz to Charles A. and Joanne Miller, $298,000 on July 22

57 Ironwood Road: Stuart Krasnow to Gaston S. and Sandra P. Levesque, $755,000 on July 20

1011 Route 80: Catherine A. Sisti to Joseph DiBartolomeo, $280,000 on July 20

80 Seaview Terrace Unit 14: Charles H. and Diane J. Dietrich to Joseph M. Heppermann and Samantha T. By, $340,000 on July 20

123 Shell Beach Road: Peter Habetz to Sealor Properties, LLC, $500,000 on July 23

122 Valley Shore Drive: Timothy S. and Nancy L. Williams to John J. and Katelyn Capone, $355,000 on July 20

22 Wildrose Avenue: Judith Ellen Shosie RET and Judith E. Shosie to Philip J. and Barbara Backus, $390,000 on July 20

15 Wingate Road: Jorge and Amy Valentin to Charles P. Lusk and Megan C. King, $875,000 on July 21


79 Briarwood Lane: David F. Ostrowski and Diana Douglas to Juliana Norman, $85,000 on July 17

39 Flat Rock Road: Steven W. and Dolores B. McLaughlin to Susan Barnes, $450,000 on July 22

19 Grove Street: Karen M. Lynch to Anthony and Nancy Labella, $469,000 on July 21

6 Harbour Village Unit D: Thomas L. and Patricia Montagnino to John A. and Janet R. Manzi, $272,500 on July 20

45 Jefferson Road Unit 1-2: Alberto Cintron to Vedran Josic, $85,000 on July 20



167 Jefferson Wood Road Unit 167: Erika Ildiko-Wright to Kayla Eng, $199,000 on July 21

22 Matthew Road: FNMA to Cesar and Alondra Lopez, $219,000 on July 23

100 Montoya Drive Unit 100: Kathy Stardellis and Jarett Esposito to Raymond F. Martyn, $150,000 on July 20

34 Quarry Dock Road Unit 34: Kennedy FT and Holly Kennedy to John B. Cleary and Robin L. Spear, $520,000 on July 17

58 Sunset Beach Road: Kandi L. Skowronski to Joseph W. Murray, $10,000 on July 22

34 Sybil Avenue: Dana Darr Trust and Umer Darr to Patricia Connors, $485,000 on July 21

28 Sylvan Point Yacht Unit 28: Santo J. Manicone to Warren M. and Sondra B. Cruver, $40,000 on July 21

45 Taylor Place: Susan A. McMahon to Eileen P. Griffin, $359,000 on July 21

49 Thimble Island Road: Joanna Lehman to Richard W. and Cynthia P. Roos, $164,220 on July 17

49 Thimble Island Road: Robert B. Williams RET and Joanna M. Lehman to Richard W. and Cynthia P. Roos, $164,220 on July 17

51 Thimble Island Road: Joanna M. Lehman to Richard W. and Cynthia P. Roos, $14,280 on July 17

51 Thimble Island Road: Robert B. Williams RET and Joanna M. Lehman to Richard W. and Cynthia P. Roos, $14,280 on July 17

U.S. Route 1: John J. and Nicole Maturo to HV RETail Development, LLC, $2,200,000 on July 20

97 Waverly Park Road: Brian J. and Shianne Smith to Morgan M. Krause, $426,000 on July 20

21 White Birch Lane: Janet Colello to Michael A. DiCostanzo and Mary K. Zoppi, $347,500 on July 21


65 5 Fields Road: Thomas E. and Tina M. Newman to Marybeth N. Hughes, $42,000 on July 20

1285 Boston Post Road: 1291 Boston Post Road, LLC, to WS Springbrook 2, LLC, $1,750,000 on July 21

1291 Boston Post Road: 1291 Boston Post Road, LLC, to WS Springbrook 2, LLC, $1,750,000 on July 21

14 Cambridge Drive Unit 14: Scott M. Biehler and Kristine E. Schreiber to Victoria E. Rapaport, $650,000 on July 21

230 Copse Road: Edith Crowley to Maureen D. Burke and Paul Cislo, $469,900 on July 20


44 Legend Hill Road Unit 44: Rosemarey V. DeShaies to Kathryne and Ronan J. Burke, $425,000 on July 17

39 Madison Avenue: David J. and Eliana V. Carlson to Christopher S. Becker, $595,000 on July 17

259 Mungertown Road: Robinson C. Vancil to Sealor Properties, LLC, $347,000 on July 17

4 Richborough Road: Engaging Heaven Ministries to Jamie J. and Keri L. Hagness, $510,000 on July 21

44 Scenic Road: Helen C. VanAntwerp RET and Helen C. VanAntwerp to Kristine D. Fornaby, $32,000 on July 17

270 Scotland Road: US Bank NA Trust to Paul Smith and Kristen Wells, $290,000 on July 21

14 Silo Hill: Sara S. Egan to Michael and Natalie M. Concannon, $605,000 on July 21

14 Stanton Court: Timothy J. Grandfield to Songe Laron, $800,000 on July 21

61 Summer Hill Road: Albert Gonzalez and Megan Sesma to Christopher and Tanya Carrafiello, $316,500 on July 21

Toffee Lane: Thomas A. Cawley and Victoria C. Demos to Significant Journeys, LLC, $63,000 on July 17

39 Woodsvale Road: Barbara J. Closter to Goran and Tatjana Kostic, $320,000 on July 21

North Branford

12 Evergreen Road: Charles A. and Jo A. Miller to Michael D. and Pamela S. Katz, $330,000 on July 20

9 McMahon Lane: John V. Moroniti to Jennie and Andrew Bourque, $430,000 on July 20

1866 Middletown Avenue: Michael and Brittany Puccino to Matthew J. Cashman and Katherine S. Donahue, $240,000 on July 21

464 Totoket Road: Kelley A. Pastet to Michael D. and Christine L. Nay, $409,000 on July 22

500 Totoket Road: David A. and Carra M. Lucibello to Franksr Bernardo, $415,000 on July 21

North Haven

98 Bassett Road: Frank Buono, Jr., Trust and Frank A. Buono to Desmet FT and Marion Desmit, $291,500 on July 8

92 Blakeslee Avenue: Estate of Ann M. Farricelli and Annette L. Delvecchio to Suggatul Alam, $265,500 on July 13

88 Blue Hills Road: Marianne H. Brock to John Caserta and Adriana Blakaj, $650,000 on July 13



4 Lexington Gardens Unit 4: Lisa M. Dyer to David E. and Lenore A. Riley, $380,000 on July 14

53 Manor Drive: Thomas and Dolores Grillo to Xibei Ding and Xi Wang, $405,000 on July 13

5 Marion Court: Charles Curello and Andrea Spencer to Steven and Linda Belli, $335,000 on July 9

1 Old Orchard Road: Allan & D. Jean Myer RET and Allan Myer to Katie and John Donohue, $645,000 on July 8

8 Pez Court: Susan L. Vizziello to Donald Russo and Lisa Magistro, $465,000 on July 8

5 Pond View Circle Unit 5: Marie C. Prete and Leslie Amatrudo to Thomas and Dolores Grillo, $309,500 on July 13

1690 Ridge Road: Kathleen M. Conway to Dylan J. McCabe and Emili Lanno, $359,000 on July 14

15 Weathers Road: William E. and Jennifer T. Morgan to William White, $250,000 on July 9


Parker Hill Road: Clark Street Properties, LLC, to Bradley Sammis, $79,000 on July 21

East Haven

634 Bradley Street: Marilyn Petrafesa to Mark Cimino, $35,000 on July 6

20 Catherine Street: Frederick Lombardi to Anna Buono and Joaquim Oliveira, $295,000 on July 8

132 Charter Oak Avenue: Michelle Dellacamera to Cindy Miranda and Luis Rubio, $190,000 on July 6

33 Chidsey Avenue: Donald and Lori Acerra to Angelina and Sergio Bello, $232,000 on July 6

11 Eddon Drive: Rita and Timothy Fanning to Egle and Michael Rushane, $325,000 on July 7

17 Jamaica Court: Margaret Leibowitz to Hitomi and James Macomber, $510,000 on July 6

10 Letis Road Unit 11: JJ Russo & Sons Construction, LLC, to Jamie Coady, $440,000 on July 7

501 Main Street: Wilmar Home, LLC, to Diego Zuniga, $325,000 on July 6

46 Rabbit Rock Road: Frank Mazzara to Jeremi Lorenti and Brittanie Mazzara, $320,000 on July 9