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Article Published September 30, 2020

Wants to Serve Seniors

By Phyllis McGrath

In 2017, as the newly elected Clinton first selectman, Christine Goupil quickly identified areas of potential need in the community, and set out to address them. Regarding seniors, who make up more than 17 percent of the population, she wanted to know what services the town provides and where there are gaps.

Are we adequately serving the needs of our seniors and is Clinton a good place to grow old and retire? Under Christine’s leadership, the Clinton Senior Task Force was established, bringing together representatives of town agencies that serve seniors—The Estuary, Families Helping Families, the Henry Carter Hall Library, the Housing Authority, and concerned citizens. Christine reached out to the community and invited participation.

The new task force conducted a survey and reported to Christine and the Board of Selectmen with recommended action steps. When the town’s governance changed, Christine made sure the recommendations were priority issues for the town manager and the Town Council.

Now that Christine is running for 35th District state representative, she continues her concern for seniors. She believes that seniors need the same level of services throughout Connecticut, not based on the municipality they live in. She believes that when we provide the right services, we delay the onset of chronic illness and experience quantifiable improvements in physical, social, spiritual, emotional, mental, and economic wellbeing.

Seniors are not monolithic. They cross all economic lines. They have varying physical, health, and social needs and different life styles, different interests, different goals. They range from those needing social services and housing to those who want to age in place in their homes.

Christine wants to serve the district’s seniors by fighting for their needs and interests. We need her in Hartford.

Phyllis McGrath