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Article Published September 30, 2020

A Strong Commitment

By Chris Farrell

George Smith questioned a “No” vote from State Representative Joe Zullo (R-99) on HB 7267, An Act Concerning Public Options for Health Care in Connecticut, in his Sept. 17 letter “Record Versus Promises.” What Mr. Smith conveniently failed to point out was that the bill was hastily called on the second-to-last day of the 2019 session, that there were 26 uncalled amendments to that legislation due to the last-minute nature of it being introduced, and that it failed to get enough support in the Senate to get called and passed. Rep. Zullo was right to vote no on the hastily-called bill. It was absolutely insane to try to overhaul the state’s insurance system on the second-to-last day of session and that type of poor planning is the reason Connecticut has so many fiscal problems. I believe the Senate recognized this, which is why it never came up for a vote.

Opposite of what Mr. Smith represented, Rep. Zullo has kept good on his commitment to battling rising healthcare costs. A few weeks ago, he joined Democratic lawmakers in a special session and voted in favor of a bill capping insulin costs. He also voted to extend telehealth services through March of 2021, expanding coverage for and availability of electronic medical services, which have become so vital during the pandemic.

Rep. Zullo’s votes reflect a strong commitment to reducing health and drug costs and to making affordable, convenient medical care available to more people.

Chris Farrell
East Haven