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Article Published September 30, 2020

A Proven Leader

By Bruce Farmer

The Connecticut 35th House of Representatives District consists of Clinton, Killingworth, and northern Westbrook constituents. Our district needs a leader who can be trusted, is committed, and has actual current experience and accomplished a lot at the state, county, and town levels. By working with legislators on both sides of the aisle in a collaborative way, John gets it done.

He will hit the ground running on the first day when elected because he understands the process and has the established relationships in order to represent our three towns successfully. John’s family roots in Westbrook go back to the 1700s and continues today as a farming family. By way of background, as a farmer and business owner; as a member of the current Board of Selectmen, having served on other town boards, commissions, and committees; and as the current president and a director of the Middlesex County Farm Bureau, John is a leader who understands the issues and how to get results.

As a business owner and farmer, John Hall has a lifelong commitment to sustainable living and how it relates to good land management, the environment, responsible conservation, and development. As a local town official, he also fully understands about the financial sustainability of our towns and how it affects our residents and local businesses.

Today we face real challenges and they can only be met head on by a leader with real experience who works hard in a collaborative way, having a record of accomplishment. John is a proven leader with integrity. I encourage your readers to support John Hall for representative in the 35th District.

Bruce Farmer