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Article Published October 7, 2020

Responsible Leadership

By Kathleen N. Skoczen

Climate change is a global concern, but here on the Connecticut coastline we have an extra incentive to focus on this existential crisis. Being situated on the coast, in the path of hurricanes and reliant on a service/tourist economy means that climate change affects us all. Christine Goupil’s website outlines her approach to the environment and climate change. She has long been an advocate for protecting and promoting the beauty of our region. When we send her to Hartford as our 35th District state representative, she will continue this work. Christine promises to work on investing in and expanding renewable energy sources.

Recently, lawmakers have proposed a bill aimed at lowering the state’s greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. The Green New Deal outlines plans to educate and retrain current energy workers and create greener jobs for an environmentally sound economic future. As the climate changes we need to adapt, prepare and promote an economy that both protects workers and the environment; it’s not an either/or situation. Christine understands this.

One of the greatest assets we all share is the natural beauty of the Connecticut shoreline. For whatever reason, we are all here at this moment and thus are all stewards of the environment and the future. We need a state rep who understands this responsibility and takes it seriously. Christine, aside from serving as first selectman of Clinton where she ushered in a new form of government (as promised in her campaign), now serves on the Town Council, the Connecticut River Health District Board, and The Prince’s Foundation for a Built Environment, which supports practical and ecological ways of planning and designing buildings.

If your readers truly care about responsible leadership that focuses on new ideas and solutions, they should join me in voting for Christine Goupil.

Kathleen N. Skoczen