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Article Published October 7, 2020

Priorities over Politics

By Jason Adler

I’m excited to throw my support behind Christine Goupil for 35th District state representative. Christine has demonstrated tireless advocacy for the Town of Clinton during her tenure on our local boards, as our first selectman and now in her role on our Town Council. These efforts have led to a more ethically run government and vibrant economic climate in our town.

Christine was the driving force behind the renovation of our train station, the deal for the old Morgan property, and the grant that led to a developer’s purchase of the Unilever plot. She found efficiencies and grants and partnered with regional groups to help our town maximize its potential. Killingworth and Westbrook would do well to join Clinton in hitching themselves to her wagon.

Christine cares nothing for the trappings of power. She was one of the main proponents of our new town manager/council form of government—a position she knew would result in her demotion. We could use more politicians who put the needs of their constituents over that of party or personal gain.

One issue of critical importance to my family is health care. The Affordable Care Act and all the protections it provides to those with pre-existing conditions are likely to be struck down. Christine strongly believes in universal coverage as a human right. She will serve as a shield for our health care should the worst happen at the federal level.

The towns of the 35th District need a strong voice to advocate for our concerns, someone who puts priorities over politics and has a proven track record of getting things done. I strongly believe Christine Goupil will best fulfill that need. I encourage your readers to vote for Christine Goupil on Nov. 3.

Jason Adler