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Article Published October 7, 2020

Record Speaks for Itself

By Jane Cavanaugh

As a social worker, I was not surprised that State Representative Christine Palm was endorsed by the CT Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers in her re-election bid. During her term in the General Assembly, representing constituents in the 36th District, Christine has been a strong advocate for healthcare services, worker’s rights, social justice, the rights of women and families. It is fitting that she be recognized by the chapter’s Political Action Committee for her legislative leadership and support of social work values.

Palm’s record speaks for itself. She supports expansion of telehealth for seniors and homebound individuals, and coverage of social work in-home services by Medicaid. Representative Palm is also an advocate for paid family leave, mental health parity, healthcare reform, and an increase in the minimum wage. She also supports legislation to protect women’s rights. During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Representative Palm diligently assisted the residents of her district, linking them to essential resources related to job loss, health insurance benefits, small business loans, and availability of government programs.

My deep respect, and unequivocal support of Christine Palm, extends beyond her support of any legislation unique to social work practice. In the past two years I have followed her extensive legislative efforts and her strong commitment to constituents. Her values and genuine concern for people are reflected in all she does. Christine believes in social and economic justice, and the dignity and worth of each individual. She is committed to protecting the most vulnerable in society and making certain that they have a voice.

As a social worker, and constituent in the 36th District, I am proud to vote for the re-election of Representative Palm. She represents the values and compassionate leadership we need in Hartford.

Jane Cavanaugh
Deep River