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Article Published October 7, 2020

An Independent Voice

By William Greim

I am writing in support of John May, who is a candidate for 35th District state representative. In meeting with John, I found him to be passionate about being an independent voice at our state capital. John urges some out-of-the-box solutions for many of the issues we face here in Connecticut, such as high energy costs, high taxes, support of local law enforcement, and the environment.

His thoughts on support of local manufacturing and educational opportunities are refreshing and so needed in a time where many young people are being guided into college and taking on enormous debt, only to have the voices in power talk about reform, which I assume translates to taxpayers assuming this debt.

In discussing how partisan our government at the federal and state level has become and the need for a third party, John commented, “Change must start at the local level first.”

John’s history as an educator and private businessperson brings a perspective of unique experience that will serve us well at the state capital.

Clinton has taken a first step in electing Green Party members to our Town Council and now we can do the same for the state legislature by supporting John.

I encourage voters to not just robotically vote party lines but to consider each candidate independently.

William Greim