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Article Published October 7, 2020

Voice Will Be Heard

By Richard Poulton

One of the front-page headlines in the Sept. 24 Courier read “...‘We Need a Voice in Hartford’”. This was about Dave Yaccarino and his bid for the House seat currently held by State Representative Joe Zullo (R-99).

Now, I don’t know Mr. Yaccarino, nor have I ever met him, and I am sure he is a stand-up guy. The problem I have with the headline and his thinking that East Haven needs a voice in Hartford I find troubling.

East Haven has that voice and it comes in the form of Joe Zullo. I know firsthand what Joe Zullo has done for this town. He may be fighting an uphill battle being in the minority party, but he fights for what he believes the voters in his district need or is in their best interest.

Joe Zullo speaks his mind knowing that whatever the Democrats want they will get even though some of what they want isn’t always in the best interest of us all. East Haven doesn’t need another “yes man” in Hartford. There are enough people now in the Legislature with strings tied to others and we don’t need another one.

Joe Zullo may be in the minority party and won’t get a lot done because of that, but one thing is for sure, his voice will be heard. Joe Zullo will always be there if a constituent needs him. His track record of maintaining contact with we the people will always be a priority for him.

East Haven has that voice and it comes from Joe Zullo.

Richard Poulton
East Haven