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Article Published October 14, 2020

Experience and Skills

By Paul Gebauer

Voters in Clinton, Killingworth, and Westbrook have an opportunity to elect a state representative who has demonstrated integrity, leadership, and fiscal responsibility.

Christine Goupil has been endorsed by the Democratic Party, The Independent Party, and the Working Families Party. She is acutely aware that the next few years will be challenging, especially for families struggling with economic setbacks. Raising taxes on these citizens is not a solution and will not help the economic recovery.

We must carefully examine all expenditures. Christine has never been a tax-and-spend Democrat and she will tackle a state budget with the same dogged determination she demonstrated on the annual budget in Clinton. She will study every item in the proposed state budget to find expenditures that can be reduced or eliminated. Whenever possible, she will pursue regionalization of services and other cost-cutting strategies. She will closely examine all unfunded mandates, because they have a direct impact on all local budgets.

Christine will use her experience and skills to help get our state on the sound economic footing. I hope our readers will join me in casting a vote for Christine Goupil for 35th District state representative. Sincerely,

Paul Gebauer