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Article Published October 15, 2020

Nibbles Milton’s Cauliflower Pizza

I rarely buy supermarket frozen pizza because I live in an area where terrific pizza is a few minutes’ drive, or even a phone (or text) away. Most frozen pizzas leave me cold.

A $2-off coupon convinced me to try a supermarket’s cauliflower-crusted pizza. Pretty good. Then my California daughter suggested I try Aldi’s for a two-pack of another, even less expensive, one. Not bad.

Then a Facebook friend told me about Milton’s Cauliflower Pizza from Costco. The next day I bought a two-fer. It was more expensive than Aldi’s, but two to three times bigger, filled with very good vegetables and it took me two days to finish it. Now I crave it. And, according to the ingredients, it is gluten-free; it is certainly a vegetarian’s delight.

Milton’s Craft Bakery

Roasted-Vegetable Cauliflower Pizza

Available at Costco