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Article Published October 28, 2020

Strong and Unflappable

By Christina Cantu

I have known State Representative Robin Comey (D-102) for some time, and I am more convinced than ever that she is the right person to represent the people of the 102nd District. I have always known her to be strong and unflappable, traits necessary to stand up for her constituents in Hartford. But Robin is also kind and empathic, traits also necessary to understand the needs of the people she represents.

Recently, Robin was called upon to intervene with an elderly resident who lived alone in unstable housing, had no family, and was showing signs of dementia. Robin intervened by involving the appropriate social service agencies to assist with the situation. Furthermore, Robin provided emotional support to those involved as a crisis intervention team responded to the resident’s situation.

While Robin was impressed by the professionalism of the first responders (police, EMTS, social workers) who came to the resident’s aid, I was impressed by Robin’s willingness to go above and beyond her role as state representative to see the situation through to ensure that one of her constituents was safe and sound. She even arranged for a few personal belongings to be brought to the now hospitalized resident in order to provide additional comfort!

Robin Comey is the capable and caring state representative that I want advocating for my family and my community. I encourage your readers to join me in voting for her to continue her outstanding representation of the 102nd District.

Christina Cantu