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Article Published November 26, 2020

Real Estate Transactions for Nov. 26


165 3 Mile Course: Diana Chimini to MPQ Properties, LLC, $320,000 on Nov. 3

41 Cambridge Way: Michael L. and Renee Salafia to Robert A. and Darlene S. Goldenthal, $1,050,000 on Nov. 2

255 Colonial Road: David Massey to Vincenzo Capasso, $600,000 on Oct. 27

360 Colonial Road: Diane J. Svigals to Paul Copleman and Andrea Hall, $905,000 on Nov. 2

2519 Durham Road: Oscar F. Hills to Ron and Mary A. Tettelbach, $560,000 on Nov. 2

52 East Creek Circle: David W. Coppola and Sandra Brook to Marian Gryzlo, $440,000 on Oct. 29


39 Briarwood Lane Unit F: Denise Fincke to GV Residential, LLC, $70,000 on Oct. 21

53 Brushy Plain Road Unit 2d: Karen J. D’Eugenio to David and Elizabeth Kozma, $170,000 on Oct. 28

1 Collins Drive: Matthew C. and Patrick M. Harris to Dustin and Terril Luce, $405,000 on Oct. 26

13 Dominican Road: Tessa F. Samuelson to Jessica A. Guidone, $317,500 on Oct. 27

122 Foxbridge Village Road Unit 122: Michael R. and Danielle Freda to James and Donna Collins, $215,000 on Oct. 22

22 Harbour Village Unit C: Jeannet V. Zito to Bellhop Home Services 2, LLC, $190,000 on Oct. 21

100 Hemlock Road Unit 1-3: Sheena B. Gonzalez to Robert E. Greco, $219,100 on Oct. 29

1 Indian Neck Avenue: Fenton FT and Barbara A. Fenton to James Arcangelo, $480,000 on Oct. 21

45 Jefferson Road Unit 5-14: Frank DeLieto to Sophias Treat, LLC, $90,000 on Oct. 27

Jefferson Woods Condo Unit 5: Squire Land Properties, LLC, to Liu L. Zhou, $200,000 on Oct. 27

3 Joseph Way: John D. and Marcia T. Palluzzi to Alvin and Alissa S. Chen, $430,000 on Oct. 21


17 Beechwood Drive: Bohdan T. and Sally J. Berezowskyj to Lloyd L. Cohee and Ginette Santoli, $425,000 on Oct. 27

35 Brantwood Drive Unit 35: Estate of Mathilda A. Ellwanger and Charles F. Ellwanger to Eileen Horan, $190,000 on Oct. 28

381 Copse Road: Estate of Donald Everson and Alexandra Jones to Emil Pallenberg, $225,000 on Oct. 23

64 Dairy Hill Road: Seashore Construction Company to Parker Hill Preserve, LLC, $200,000 on Nov. 3

33 Deepwood Drive: Ana Lugo-Armas and Jeffrey Armas to Mario and Marykate Dire, $345,000 on Nov. 2

149 Durham Road Unit 32: Donald B. and Monica Weeks to Oak Park 32, LLC, $77,500 on Oct. 26

30 Evarts Lane Unit 30: George Q. and Susan A. Davis to David and Margaret Anderson, $629,000 on Nov. 2

6 Glenbrook Circle: Bacque FT and Mary C. Bacque to Janet and John D. Mashia, $215,000 on Oct. 27

691 Green Hill Road: Felix F. and Susan B. Cowey to Adam and Anne C. Kissack, $345,000 on Nov. 3

North Branford

24 Arthur Road: Anthony Cafiero to Olyvia Calafiore and Don Bogart, $270,500 on Nov. 2

64 Dayton Hill Road: Gregory A. Stiegler to Antonio and Jeanamarie Sandagata, $495,000 on Nov. 4

212 Parsonage Hill Road: Jacqueline L. Kos to Nicole and Beverly Morgan, $610,000 on Nov. 2

876 South Main Street: What TF, LLC, to Donny Werme, $115,000 on Nov. 5

Sunset Road: William G. Carr to Clayton E. Massey, $85,000 on Nov. 2