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Article Published January 5, 2021

Real Estate Transactions for Jan. 7


274 Church Street Unit 7A: Robert A. and Alexandra G. McCoole to Catherine G. and Alexander D. Adams, $220,000 on Dec. 15

20 Granite Road Unit 20: Christopher J. Donlin and Estate of Lorraine Wardell to Gayle B. Cappadona, $122,550 on Dec. 16

67 Guile Road: Daniel McNamara to Elisha D. and Amanda Katz, $410,000 on Dec. 14

885 Hoop Pole Road: Scott and Pamela Neleber to Carolina Murray, $790,000 on Dec. 16

71 Little Harbor Road: Barbara E. McKay to John H. and Lisa U. Swain, $450,000 on Dec. 14

3 Marilyns Lane: John Ireland to Daniel D. and Lindsay A. Weekes, $590,000 on Dec. 14

205 Marshall Avenue: B. Thompson-Melton and Estate of Denise Vanhemert to Birgitta M. Sparf, $370,000 on Dec. 16

1352 Route 80: Peter and Cheryl L. Sorensen to Ron D. and Francesca A. Kaiser, $500,000 on Dec. 14

147 Stillmeadow Drive: Jennifer S. Aghai to Jonathan Grande and Melissa Rose, $403,000 on Dec. 16

548 West Street: Tracy Brody to Tonia K. and Kevin L. Beeney, $288,000 on Dec. 16


12 Etzel Road: Philip Marsillio to Adam M. Genuario, $1,070,000 on Dec. 11

105 Florence Road Unit 2B: Vedran Josic to Ashley Horvath, $109,000 on Dec. 15

3 Grove Court Unit 3: Nathan Glazewski to Vincent P. Iacona, $86,501 on Dec. 11

1 Hamre Lane Unit D: Paul J. Otterness to Zachary Sarlo, $97,000 on Dec. 15

100 Hemlock Road Unit 5-2: Tommaso Martone to Stephanie Hughes, $229,900 on Dec. 11

11 Indian Neck Avenue: Christopher Talbot to Lauren Tropiano-Dumark, $320,000 on Dec. 15

18 Jeffrey Lane: Carol D. Lamson to Melinda and Andre Coutu, $275,000 on Dec. 16

548-552 Leetes Island Road: Yvette L. Cix and Henri G. Dix to Conor Daley, $257,000 on Dec. 11

60 Maple Street Unit 33A: Mary J. Brownell to Alberta Murdock, $355,000 on Dec. 14

138 Pine Orchard Road: Giuliana Maravalle to Jeffrey Bricker and Katherine Kayser-Bricker, $750,000 on Dec. 11

195 Pine Orchard Road: Richard Swan to Samuel Merrick-Register and Kim E. Carlson, $570,000 on Dec. 14


44 Buck Hill Road: Edward S. and Marlisa J. Roche to Jessica L. and Jonathan Baskin, $700,000 on Dec. 15

115 Concord Drive: Elizabeth Foote to Dylan M. Arthur and Chandler T. Dugas, $557,160 on Dec. 15

57 Dairy Hill Road: Cornerstone Construction Services to Dan Su, $765,000 on Dec. 15

38 Deveron Drive: Laurie M. Gerard to Bryan C. and Shannon K. Ruby, $588,500 on Dec. 15

112 Flintlock Road: Elaine and Peter A. Gwyther to Kathleen and Timothy Swec, $445,000 on Dec. 15

26 Hamilton Drive: Camille R. Murphy to Alexander Nolte and Jessica Tonini, $519,900 on Dec. 11

24 Shepherds Trail: Xian Chen and Yilin Meng to Scott and Victoria Prestileo, $546,000 on Dec. 15

97 Stone Road: Barbara L Davis T and Barbara L. Davis to Teresa McRoberts and Stephen L. Palfrey, $896,000 on Dec. 11


3 Country Village Lane: Jeffrey L. and Danielle L. Nardello to Patrick and Jessica Rogers, $337,500 on Dec. 7

3 Diamond Road: Estate of Jean E. Nopper and Mary L. Nopper to Jason M. and Anne E. Simonsen, $340,000 on Dec. 7

16 Hill View Lane: Alan Neri to Adenilson G. DoNascimento and Arlete M. Nascimento, $347,500 on Dec. 10

87 Olde Orchard Road: Estate of Edward P. Braza, Jr., and Julene M. Braza to Allison Mackenzie-Murphy and Michael Murphy, $410,000 on Dec. 7

28 Uncas Road: Debra S. Feldman RET and Debra S. Feldman to Linda Feldman, $125,000 on Dec. 8

50 Hammonassett Avenue: Mitchell S. and Jennifer J. Drucker to Janine McQuillan and Kevin Krzeminski, $305,000 on Dec. 3

27 Olde Orchard Road: Eric S. and Kathleen T. Uscinski to Tara S. Vitale, $435,000 on Dec. 1

26 Pepperbush Drive: US Bank NA Trust to Lauren Boudreau, $335,000 on Nov. 30

8 Pleasant Hill Lane: Estate of Patricia Heifetz and Heidi Heifetz to Richard M. DePonte and Mary L. Johnson, $112,500 on Dec. 1

133 West Main Street Lot C11: Estate of Carolyn E. Hull and David R. Hull to Suzanne and Donald L. Hayden, $23,000 on Dec. 1

154 West Main Street: Petroleum Marketing Investment Group to Clinton Ground, LLC, $250,000 on Nov. 30

8 Captains Walk: Kelly E. Inga to Rosemarie V. Schwarz, $275,000 on Dec. 11

64-A Founders Village Unit 64A: George H. Lord to Michael and Lynne Mahon, $89,000 on Dec. 14

7 Hickory Avenue: Allen N. Kee to Adam S. and Nicole K. Brewster, $633,000 on Dec. 16

129 Shore Road Unit C: Beach View LLC to Andrew W. and Robin Kohnke, $470,000 on Dec. 15

East Haven

12 Church Street: Mark Terrace and Estate of Richard F. Terrace to Nicholas Gagliardi, $140,000 on Dec. 14

130 Coe Avenue Unit 30: Jennifer L. Stook to Arlene Blum, $84,000 on Dec. 16

275 Coe Avenue: Jessica P. and Willim J. Gardner to Oziem Senyuz, $305,000 on Dec. 16

86 Cosey Beach Avenue Unit 1: Babu Chetty T and Nina S. Babu to Gecaj Xhaferl, $260,000 on Dec. 14

86 Cosey Beach Avenue Unit 2: Jeffrey A. Gudin to Paula Simpson, $260,000 on Dec. 16

23 Ellis Road: Michel Masotta to Thomas and Shelia Marcotte, $355,000 on Dec. 16

26 Kimberly Avenue: Stacey Javins to Elisa and Casey McCarthy, $239,900 on Dec. 16

461 Main Street: C H Lee LLC to Gateway Financial Svc LLC, $250,000 on Dec. 18

125 Mansfield Grove Road: Kevin M. and Rebecca A. Smith to Stanley B. Burns, $225,000 on Dec. 14

87 Salerno Avenue: Rosalie Delvasto to Pane T and Louis Pane, $155,500 on Dec. 14

543 Strong Street: Robert J. Cifarelli to Jay W. Chaplin, $325,900 on Dec. 15

163 Thompson Street Unit D: David M. and Marie T. Amatruda to Marylou Arendt, $97,000 on Dec. 16

North Haven

44 Barnett Drive: John G. and Shelly L. Lenox to Randall Joiner and April Lenox, $322,000 on Dec. 10

26 Culver Lane: Lisa A. Horelick to Christine A. Mulligan, $253,000 on Dec. 9

66 Kimberly Circle: Peter J. DePino and Cheryl A. Sangiovani to Jalissa P. and Ian J. Sibby, $285,000 on Dec. 14

231 Kings Highway: Matthew Ramadanovic to Cassandra Turner and Paul Nemerz-Carlson, $599,900 on Dec. 9

36 Mansfield Road: Joseph M. Hogan to Simran Singh, $247,000 on Dec. 10

59 Montowese Avenue: Edward A. Wilczynski to Alpha Holdings, LLC, $115,000 on Dec. 8

14 Overbrook Road: Tyler and Zachary Smith to Marybeth Quilghini, $255,000 on Dec. 14

14 Palmer Road: Laura Paturzo to Gregory Paturzo, $30,000 on Dec. 10

4 Roberta Road: Michael and Carin Simpson to Young K. Kim, $245,000 on Dec. 10

21 Samoset Avenue: Gail DeLucia to Mabel M. Cedeno-Tigreros and Victor J. Tigreros, $302,000 on Dec. 14

31 Sheffield Road: Cynthia M. and Victor Peregolise to Christopher DeStefano and William Boughton, $250,000 on Dec. 11

2 Charles Court: Ann Tilden to Charles Court LLC, $219,500 on Dec. 15

Hartford Turnpike Lot 2: Concetta C Delia IRT and Nancy A. Delia to Donald and Beatrice DeLoge, $340,000 on Dec. 16

48 Homewood Avenue: John J. and Margaret M. Walsh to Hector J. and Justine M. Quinones, $620,000 on Dec. 15

366 Old Maple Avenue: 366 Old Maple Associates to DMF Enterprises LLC, $250,000 on Dec. 15

80 Postman Highway: Joshua C. Fontaine and Christina E. Torres to Richard Bonessi and Amanda Iwanski, $310,000 on Dec. 16

2223 Ridge Road: Susan E. DellaValle to Robert Sotere and Lisamarie Morgillo, $370,000 on Dec. 16

74 Warner Road: Maria Pietrosimone to Rosa Civitillo, $315,000 on Dec. 15

North Branford

3 Nancy Road: James J. and Deborah B. Kelleher to Jason A. Dick and Samantha Stobierski-Dick, $290,000 on Dec. 16

46 Twin Lakes Road: Sandra M. Brooks to Michael Conroy and Nicole Devlin, $318,000 on Dec. 14

77 West Pond Road: Kathryn Newton to Stephanie Gilloran, $301,000 on Dec. 15


261 Roast Meat Hill Road: Jade Papageorge T and Jade Papageorge to Allen M. Johnson, $415,000 on Dec. 14


Boston Post Road: Lee Fusselman and Alice Kineas to Eugene B. and Deena McCarthy, $430,000 on Dec. 3

Boston Post Road: Nancy E. Murphy to Ralph L. DeNino and Kathleen Peasce, $386,000 on Dec. 3

1033 East Pond Meadow Road: Catherine M. Linde to E. Campoverde-Campoverde and Teresa Orellana-Bermeo, $313,000 on Dec. 3

1231 East Pond Meadow Road: Phillip P. DeMiris to Mia Mancinone, $235,000 on Dec. 1

1526 Essex Road: Mitchell C. Comer to Rosemary Cotnoir, $350,000 on Dec. 2

173 Old Salt Works Road: Beatrice Tinty to Leonard J. Goldberg, $320,000 on Dec. 3

Salt Island Road: Susan Campbell to Marianne Esposito, $80,000 on Dec. 2

106 Boone Circle: Frederick W. Stark to Richard C. and Frances S. Anthony, $425,000 on Nov. 24

Cherry Street: Luanne Lacava-Treado and Carol L. Ghergurovich to Joanne L. Foss and Annette L. Giuliano, $300,000 on Nov. 23

219 Fishing Brook Road: Friedman RET and Jane Friedman to Jude P. and Chelsea A. Defina, $430,000 on Dec. 16

Old Saybrook

33 Cromwell Place: Nanette Navarro to Sean and Lisa Genden, $917,500 on Dec. 8

100 Dudley Avenue Unit B7: Kathryn S. Katz to Nancy M. and Whitney B. Garlinghouse, $449,900 on Dec. 9

47 Great Hammock Road: Karen J. Sweet to Mary Kennedy, $379,000 on Dec. 11

258 Hidden Cove Road Unit 258: Michael N. Suchenski to John R. and Leslie Bubello, $290,000 on Dec. 9

18 King Street: MCLR, LLC, to MVJJ, LLC, $287,000 on Dec. 11

4 Old Fenwick Road: John T. and Lauri S. Holland to Evan D. and Mary Kass, $1,125,000 on Dec. 11



6 Sherman Street: Stavros and Mirsina Gianitsos to Suzanne and Kristopher Sirico, $200,000 on Dec. 14

1780 Boston Post Road: Glenn F. Morelli LT and Glenn F. Morelli to Liria Jara and Johnny Rivera, $242,000 on Nov. 24

11 Coulter Street Unit 5: William B. and Charlotte E. Robbins to Helene Nichols, $460,000 on Nov. 25

15 Cove Street: Jerome and Lauraine VanOss to Cove Rebuilt, LLC, $350,000 on Nov. 23

24 Fenbrook Road: Robert G. and Michelle L. Ashfield to Donald V. and Chrystyna C. Moran, $644,502 on Nov. 24

442 Main Street: Carol A. Manning to Cheryl B. Barnum, $475,000 on Nov. 23

68 North Cove Road: Diane DePaola to Roderick J. and Heather H. Lavallee, $1,850,000 on Nov. 24

72 North Cove Road: Captain Dolbeare, Inc., to Roderick J. and Heather H. Lavallee, $400,000 on Nov. 24

130 Springbrook Road: Timothy J. and Ericka L. Moniz to Sara P. Doak and Zachary M. Halvorsen, $249,000 on Nov. 25

2 Thompson Road: Glenn F. Morelli LT and Glenn F. Morelli to Liria Jara and Johnny Rivera, $242,000 on Nov. 24

7 Allendale Road: Joan C. Weldon to Amanda E. and Amanda E. Tourjee, $322,000 on Dec. 15

11 Cambridge Court East: Martha Stephens LT and Martha Stephens to Jeffrey Coplon and Graciela Moreno, $785,000 on Dec. 16

48 Cromwell Place: Jack B. Navarro to Equity T Co, $700,000 on Dec. 16

48 Cromwell Place: Jack B. Navarro to Nanette Navarro, $100,000 on Dec. 16

38 Ingham Hill Road: Gary A. and Brian D. Vincent to Antonio Bevilacqua, $175,000 on Dec. 16


109 Cedar Lake Road: Nancy M. and Timothy O. Good to Samantha L. Barszowski, $402,000 on Dec. 11

93 Goose Hill Road: Anthony and Diane Silverio to Timothy B. Fleming, $599,000 on Dec. 8

38-a Bokum Road: Jessica L. Underwood to Benjamin Sperry-Tarlov and Taryn R. Tarlov, $430,000 on Dec. 4

38 Hoop Pole Hill Road: Garth J. and Mary E. Perri to Robert F. and Joann Wypy, $540,000 on Dec. 3

1 Liberty Street: Charles W. and Judith L. Tower to Michael and Linda Labrec, $276,000 on Dec. 3

39 Baker Road: Estate of David A. Howe, Sr., and Megan Theriault to Douglas J. and Lauren M. Mahana, $360,000 on Nov. 17

Cedar Lake Road: Estate of Gustavo Rodriguez and Theresa Rodriguez to Phillip R. Christopher and Aidan DeDanaan-Neely, $150,000 on Nov. 23

Dock Road: Steven Eckhouse to Rooke Realty, LLC, $325,000 on Nov. 6

1 Ferry Road: Lynette A. Bester to Lydia E. Heeks, $375,000 on Nov. 19

20 Gilbert Hill Road: Valley Building Company, LLC, to Helene M. Johnson, $555,000 on Nov. 19

23 Liberty Street: William B. Boland to Michele D. and John S. Kowalik, $600,000 on Nov. 16

184-a Middlesex Avenue: Elma W. Berger RET and Elma W. Berger to Lynne S. Croker and Phillip R. Christopher, $300,000 on Nov. 20

15 Wig Hill Road: Estate of Michael J. Tiezzi and Aaron M. Tiezzi to Aidan DeDanaan-Neely and Kaz Podbielski, $254,900 on Nov. 24

Deep River

15 Bridge Street: Norma L. Murphy to Burke Pearson and Theodore M. Sod, $280,000 on Nov. 24

57 Spring Street: Lana M. and Robert Flannigan to Jason R. Landry, $245,000 on Nov. 24

36 Whittlesey Brook Road: Lauren N. Jones and Samuel J. Tamiso to Carolyn W. and Christopher E. Cronkhite, $310,000 on Nov. 23


26 Hudson Lane: Patrick J. Fitzgerald and Monica L. Purcel to Anthony P. and Anne B. Mele, $1,050,000 on Dec. 11

38 North Main Street Unit 6: Christopher P. Brown to Barbara G. Flynn, $435,000 on Dec. 1

40 Walnut Street: Travis D. Parker to Meighan A. Cavanaugh and Michael J. Trettewick, $333,000 on Dec. 4

24 Hilltop Avenue: David E. Rosengren and Sally Shulman-Rosengren to Deneece Ann Gabbard T. and Deneece A. Gabbard, $467,000 on Dec. 14