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Article Published January 27, 2021

Plan a Ribbon Cutting

By Bethany Greeley

Clinton town government managed the closing of the old Morgan School and the opening of a $64 million replacement in 2016. Five years later, we are cautioned by our Town Council chair, Chris Aniskovich, that converting existing town property into a senior center is trickier, a financial commitment that can’t be easily done. Sounds like a husband who doesn’t want to buy a new dishwasher.

To assure we take the slowest road through the imagined difficulty providing seniors a center in Clinton (which every other shoreline town has long had up and running), the Town Council created a part-time senior programming position. Aniskovich, who first passed the request for a center onto a second volunteer study group, has again handed off the matter, stating that it will be the program director’s job. Bold leadership? Creative elected official? Aware of the unmet needs of the community? Can’t say that.

Come on Clinton, get in gear! Listen and lead. Direct the well-paid, experienced town manager to draw up plans for a center. Let him dispel fears about this basic service becoming a runaway budget buster. If help is needed with decision making, put a proposal before the voters.

Seniors want a comfortable space to sit, drink coffee, play cards, laugh, and enjoy a good meal and conversation. Our property taxes can pick up the tab. Let’s plan a ribbon cutting to celebrate the virus being shut down and the senior center finally opening.

Bethany Greeley