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Article Published February 17, 2021

Something(s) to Smile About

By Dinah Virgulto

There is so much fear and anxiety in the world today. I want to point out two sources of interest and laughter in our town of East Haven.

First, I thank the residents of 247 North High Street. Their scenes created to celebrate holidays, seasons, and cultural events with their wonderfully dressed skeletons are enchanting and always bring a smile to my face. I cannot drive up North High Street without searching for their whimsical tableaux.

Second, I was delighted to participate in a wonderful program “East Rock and West Rock and the Triassic-Jurassic Extinction” offered by our Hagaman Memorial Library last night and created by the Yale Peabody Museum Speaker’s Bureau. Sophie Westacott, a graduate student at Yale, presented the program and was fascinating and knowledgeable about her subject and the geological history of our area. She took questions and her answers further illuminated our ancient past.

Cynthia Gwiazda, the community service librarian at Hagaman, said there would be more such programs and I cannot wait. It was very easy to access the program and well worth the effort. I encourage your readers to check these out!

Dinah Virgulto
East Haven