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Riccitelli Ready for Second Year as Cougars’ QB


Alex Riccitelli is excited to lead the H-K football team on the gridiron in his second season as the team’s quarterback. Photo courtesy of Alex Riccitelli

Alex Riccitelli is excited to lead the H-K football team on the gridiron in his second season as the team’s quarterback. (Photo courtesy of Alex Riccitelli )

Alex Riccitelli has been playing football since he was a young child, and he’s always enjoyed suiting up at the quarterback position. Now a senior at Haddam-Killingworth, Alex is looking forward to leading the Cougars’ football team to an exciting season in his second year as their QB.

“I’ve been playing football for about 10 years now,” says Alex. “I used to watch football all the time when I was really little, and I always told myself that I wanted to play, so my parents ended up signing me up.”

One of Alex’s favorite parts of playing football is the physicality of the sport. Alex also enjoys forming concrete bonds with his teammates while they battle on the gridiron.

“I love the physical aspect of the game and the atmosphere of the game,” says Alex. “I love how at any point in the game, no matter what the score, you can fight through adversity and come out on top. The brotherhood and bond you create with your teammates is also great.”

H-K saw some struggles by finishing with a record of 2-8 in 2019. Still, Alex enjoyed his debut season as the team’s quarterback and was especially happy when the Cougars claimed a 19-14 road win over rival Morgan for their first victory of the year.

“My favorite moment of the season was either my 60-yard touchdown [in a loss against the Stafford co-op] or when we beat Morgan,” Alex says.

H-K is welcoming a new head coach to the fold as Erik Becker takes the reins for the Cougars this fall. Becker has only known Alex for a short time, but based on what he’s seen so far, the coach feels that his QB has a big year ahead of him.

“My sense of Alex is that he is focused and hardworking. He has sky-high potential,” says Becker. “Alex has worked really hard to get himself in great shape this season. He is going to have a monster year, and I can’t wait to coach him.”

Alex and his teammates are eager to work with their new coach. Alex says that H-K’s players are already building great relationships with Becker.

“We’ve recently just got a new coach, but I feel like we are starting to create a good bond with each other,” Alex says. “He seems like a real great coach, and he’s really passionate about the game.”

Alex has been working hard to improve his game during the offseason. Football is the one sport that Alex plays, so he’s been able to spend a lot of time concentrating on his training. As he enters his senior year, Alex wants to make sure that his passes are consistently on target.

“I am trying to get more consistent with my passes,” says Alex. “The only way to do that is by getting more reps in, and I’ve been working really hard to get better.”

Alex has high hopes about what H-K can achieve on the football field this year. Alex thinks that the Cougars have the right pieces in place to enjoy a quality campaign in 2020.

“I think we have great potential to be a really good team this year,” Alex says. “I got all positive vibes, and I expect us to give it our all this season. I expect to get a lot of wins.”

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