Sunday, June 13, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Sept. 3


Donald Road: Vijay Tandon to Agnes Bailey, $37,000 on Aug. 14

700 Durham Road: John and Sarah Lafferty to Wesley and Nicole Eastwood, $420,000 on Aug. 10

48 Fernwood Drive: Joanne B. and Bruce A. Sale to Sharon A. Bloom and Jaroslaw Strzemien, $500,000 on Aug. 13

Guilford Yacht Club Lot C10: William P. and Karen M. Calvert to 238 Main Street Durham, LLC, $12,000 on Aug. 11

2124 Long Hill Road: F. Vigliotti Construction Company, LLC, to Sherry A. Morgan, $329,900 on Aug. 12

2132 Long Hill Road: F. Vigliotti Construction Company, LLC, to Jessica Gallagher, $319,900 on Aug. 10

229 Maupas Road North: Lorraine Jorden to Sean A. and Tina F. Harrison, $334,000 on Aug. 12

654 Mulberry Point Road: Glenna L. DeSarbo to Frank J. Slack and Carol Bascom-Slack, $452,400 on Aug. 11

445 Northwood Drive: Charles A. and Denise R. Astorino to Alexander J. Rego and Molly E. Berky, $380,000 on Aug. 13

128 South Hoop Pole Road: Jose Mendoza to Elyse K. Hormuth, $420,000 on Aug. 14

Seaview Terrace: Michael D’Angelo to Diane Hart, $335,000 on Aug. 14


25 2nd Avenue: Estate of Ruth A. Caliendo and Alphonse Ippolito to Laura G. Adair, $400,000 on Aug. 11

1 5th Avenue: Glenn J. and Alberta B. Murdock to J&D Branford, LLC, $725,000 on Aug. 13

6 Buena Vista Road: Estate of Marie A. Iwanski and Francis L. Iwanski to Jennifer Kosko-Sullivan and Phillip Sullivan, $340,000 on Aug. 12

19 Cadwell Place: Daniel Dingus to Kyle and William Lockery, $270,000 on Aug. 13

113 Florence Road Unit A: Sumeet Kalia and Sapna Sharma to Tracy J. Lovejoy, $162,500 on Aug. 12

18 Foxbridge Village Road Unit 18: Kyle H. and Lauren J. Wallack to Catherine Bronson, $170,000 on Aug. 12

14 Garden Street: Chia C. Chou to Lineida Nunez, $239,900 on Aug. 12

1 Hampton Park Unit 1: Mary E. Helgans to Jeffrey H. Peterson, $164,900 on Aug. 11

16 Harbour Village: Olena M. and Daniel J. Murphy to Helen Parise, $375,000 on Aug. 6

34 Harbour Village Unit C: Joseph and Kristin Liguori to Deborah Miller, $279,900 on Aug. 11

34 Harbour Village Unit E: Marjorie B. Calandrelli to Lawson and Denise Richburg, $250,000 on Aug. 12

14 Howard Avenue: Lorraine Doyle to Nicholas R. DiCecco and Olya Rozvadovska, $436,000 on Aug. 11

60 Maple Street Unit 38: Stephan A. Ariyan to John M. Rosen, $349,900 on Aug. 11

256 Monticello Drive Unit 256: Lineida Nunez to Mary Hildebrandt, $193,500 on Aug. 11

56 Palmer Woods Circle: Radouane Nasry and Lisa Ahlstrom-Nasry to Jessica Holmes, $379,000 on Aug. 12

28 Park Place: Estate of Dino Torelli and Christopher J. Donlin to Eran Magen, $210,000 on Aug. 6

22 Peddlars Drive Unit 22: Mi A. Bok to Andrew A. Hamilton and Diana R. Saavedra, $184,000 on Aug. 12

704 Plymouth Colony Unit 704: Scott and Jessica Holmes to Lisa A. Nasry, $205,000 on Aug. 11

14 Tanglewood Drive: Stephen M. and Irene C. Childs to Joseph C. and Kristin M. Liguori, $444,000 on Aug. 11

57 Yowago Avenue: Paul E. and Tracy B. Taylor to Stephen M. Marsi, $706,000 on Aug. 6


29 5 Fields Road: Kenneth F. Valente to Amy R. and Sean A. Sutherland, $472,000 on Aug. 6

301 Boston Post Road: Katherine F. and Ryan McGetrick to Albert and Tatiana Rojas, $239,000 on Aug. 12

Durham Road: Mary K. and Patricia A. Rynne to Albert and Maureen Koegler, $460,000 on Aug. 10

2162 Durham Road: Kelly A. Coady to Ryan Sullivan, $429,900 on Aug. 10

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