Monday, May 10, 2021


Transparency and Accessibility

I recently moved to Killingworth and have been taken away by the unique and rural beauty that brings character to the streets of this town—and I want to be sure to maintain that. As soon as I got to town, I registered to vote because I understand the importance of electing an accessible and transparent representative at the helm of our town’s government. I encourage other millennials to do the same.

In November I will be voting for First Selectman Cathy Iino for a number of reasons. As someone struggling with student debt, every dollar I earn is carefully budgeted for, and when it comes to raising taxes, Cathy understands that. In the same breath, as someone hoping to start a family in Killingworth one day, a strong education system and accessible town services are extremely important to me. Cathy has mastered this balance and is committed to creating out-of-the-box solutions to better our town while also keeping taxes low.

Beyond her ability and experience is also her transparency and accessibility—from Coffee Times and her town-wide email notification system to her Killingworth Krier columns and input on the Killingworth Stompin’ Ground—Cathy always has her ear to the ground and is ready to respond to whatever issue constituents are facing.

What other town around has environmental resources like Parmelee Farm and Chatfield Hollow and vibrant small businesses like Annie’s Cookies, Lavender Pond Farm, and LaForesta, all of which contribute to its rustic charm? Cathy has struck the balance between a quaint town while supporting small businesses that add to our town rather than detract from our rural beauty.

The experience Cathy has amassed throughout her professional career, paired with her passion for Killingworth, makes her the ideal candidate and I’m thrilled to vote for her come Nov. 5.

Drew Phelan