Thursday, May 13, 2021


All Come Together

One of the clear strengths about the town of Killingworth, my adopted town, is that the corps of volunteers who support it are a bipartisan mix on all levels. They are the children of parents whose parents were born here. They are newcomers who seek to raise their children here. They are retirees seeking the peace of a rural town. They are party affiliated and non. And they all come together in one way or another to help this community run well and to support its various organizations.

Lou Annino, Jr., running for his fifth term as selectman, bridges the old farming families and those who later came to marry here and live on old farmsteads or in carefully planned subdivisions. He, too, chose to raise his family here and to serve the town as a volunteer and an elected official. Lou learned from his parents that serving your community is just what you do. He proudly carries their banner of service forward.

The value of Lou’s dedication is enhanced by his almost 30 years as a registered professionial engineer in facilities management at large installations such as Yale, the Bayer Corporation, and the University of New Haven. The budget and staff management, strategic planning, infrastructure planning and maintenance, and emergency management for these large facilities have all served as vital hands-on experience for the position of selectman.

I invite your readers to join me in voting for Lou Annino, Jr., on Nov. 5th. He will continue to serve this community with the same integrity he has always shown, with the accumulated knowledge of his professional career, and with a love for this town passed down over four generations.

Kathleen Amoia