Thursday, May 13, 2021


Much to Offer

Because Killingworth relies on volunteers to run for elected office, it is always in need of new people to join the process and commit their expertise to service in one area or another. The Board of Education (BOE) offers elected positions crucial to the wellbeing of our town, our children, and the future of both. Nelson Rivera, a nine-year resident of Killingworth and a proud parent of two children in our school system, has enthusiastically stepped up to the plate.

Nelson has the educational background and work experience to serve on the BOE in various capacities. He would come on board fully aware of the challenges faced by Connecticut’s school systems and the demands of educating students for a changing world.

Nelson has eight years of classroom experience teaching social studies on the high school level and is presently an assistant principal at Oliver Wolcott Technical High School in Torrington. Both his master’s degree and doctorate concentrated in areas essential to quality educational performance. His doctoral dissertation was a case study examining college and career readiness skills critical to our students’ futures.

I encourage your readers to join me in voting for Nelson Rivera on Nov. 5 for the BOE. He has much to offer the board and the students of our district.

Susan Dean