Thursday, June 24, 2021


Across the Kitchen Table

None of us have ever gone through this experience, lives disrupted with a sense of vulnerability. Crisis brings out the truth about ourselves and others: strengths and weaknesses, best and worst, with emotions that rise and fall. I thanks all the extraordinary heroes who selflessly have the courage to do public service: healthcare workers, pharmacists, grocery clerks, first responders, town employees, and childcare workers.

We are all essential, especially to our children. A massive shift to online education for our children has been undertaken with an uncertain timeline. I thank the Board of Education members, school administrators, teachers, staff, and librarians for affirming the love of learning in our community. I encourage them to be sure that their contact information is updated in school central office by calling 203-468-3361.

As a resident, I encourage our town leaders to continue to work with transparency and accountability in decision-making while keeping the most vulnerable among us in mind. Keeping our Spanish-speaking neighbors in the loop of communication is vital now. The dissemination of information is critical in public health.

As a mother, my awareness of all the lessons that I want to teach keeps growing. Multi-tasking across the kitchen table includes children using Chromebooks while remotely working, playing a board game, gaining sewing skills, and sharing meals and tidbits on life lessons about patience, resilience, persistence, and kindness. Family-centered, in faith, is food for my soul. All else will wait.

Let’s practice humanity by being smart, making good choices, staying safe, and being healthy!

Lorena Venegas
East Haven