Sunday, June 13, 2021


Painful, Difficult, and Necessary

The state’s Office of Fiscal Analysis and the comptroller released a joint fiscal report that estimated $7 billion in lost tax revenue over the next three years. East Haven will undoubtedly receive less aid from the state and other significant loses in revenue. For the town to weather the storm in the least disruptive way possible, Mayor Joseph Carfora must quickly make very difficult program cuts, including layoffs and decreases in hours where possible.

The school system must also look to make very difficult cuts in the upcoming years. State funding prevents those cuts, furloughs and layoffs from occurring this year, but faces the same economic reality as the state and town.

I have two children who are entering the school system within the next few years. I don’t want this difficult truth to be the reality we find ourselves in, but it is what it is. The sooner we adjust to the reality we face, the quicker we can position ourselves and the town to grow out of it.

I implore the mayor to begin making the painful, difficult, and necessary cuts needed during these difficult times.

Bill Craven
East Haven