Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Support Safe Voting

Unlike in Wisconsin, you might think that we in Connecticut wouldn’t have to risk our lives to vote. Unfortunately, you would be wrong with that belief. Now is the time to support safe voting in our state. Connecticut has the strictest absentee ballot application in the country, which presents a serious legislative problem during a pandemic. Our current statute only allows access to the absentee ballot for the ill, the homebound, military personnel, and those out of state during an election. What is to be done during an epidemic when voters fear illness or death when exercising their right to vote?

State Representative Christine Palm (D-36) has taken on a leadership role in recent weeks to mobilize state leaders and legislators to resolve this issue. In a letter to her colleagues, she urged them to “expand access to absentee ballots” allowing all voters to vote from home during this public heath crisis. This would require a special session of the General Assembly and minimal change to the state statute. It is a reasonable solution and one that demonstrates strong healthcare advocacy for her constituents.

Representative Palm was recently nominated for re-election, and as evidenced by her leadership above, deserves our full support for a second term. This is the kind of leadership Connecticut needs.

Frank Hanley Santoro
Deep River