Thursday, June 24, 2021


Contradiction Between Words and Vote

I attended the “Black Lives Matter” rally at the town green on June 5. Representative Joe Zullo (R-99) dodged answering a direct question, when asked to explain why he now stood shoulder to shoulder with Capt. Murgo to condemn police brutality, after voting against a bill (SB 380) requiring all police departments to record and report the use of chokeholds as a form of restraint, among other uses of force.

I would still like to hear Rep. Zullo publicly explain the contradiction between his words on the green and his “no” vote on SB 380. How does he expect the public to know when police abuse occurs when he votes against requiring departments to report the use of force? Fortunately for us, SB 380 passed without Rep. Zullo’s vote, thanks in part to unanimous support from his Republican colleagues in the State Senate.

Whatever his answer, appearing publicly to confront police brutality without also owning the shortcomings of his own voting record shows a certain tone-deafness toward the change our community must embrace.

Dave Hausler
East Haven