Thursday, June 24, 2021


Not Answering the Question

I have to question Nicole Penta’s June 25 rebuttal letter “Entirely Tone Deaf” to Dave Hausler’s June 18 letter “Contradiction Between Words and Vote” regarding State Representative Joseph Zullo’s “No” vote on SB380. The argument that Zullo understood and supported the Department of Justice’s consent decree is truly laughable. Penta’s insinuation that Zullo and the Joseph Maturo administration he defended welcomed or requested such an act was hardly the case. It was that administration’s actions that led to the enactment of the decree.

It is a defection of the real question: Why did Zullo not support the bill? Why did he vote “No” on SB380? After stating that he stood against police brutality at the rally on the green, why did he vote against brutality when given the chance?

In not answering the question, it is clear to me Zullo is pandering to the current matter and does not want to be accountable for his past decisions. I ask the voters to look closely at his voting record and question whether he votes for the interest of our town or the interest of his political career.

George Smith
East Haven