Friday, May 14, 2021


Still Have Work to Do

In response to the July 30 article “What’s in a Name?” the history of the namesake of The Morgan School is disappointing to those of us unaware of it. However, the eloquent narrative of former Morgan School graduate Ella Franzoni is now what the name, The Morgan School, epitomizes.

Indeed, The Morgan School has done and continues to do “cultivate intellect and character” in its students and graduates as is evident in both these ladies in this article, Ella Franzoni and Jane Scully Welch. As the mother of children and grandchildren who have graduated from Morgan, I can attest to this.

What’s in a name? It is the many current students and graduates who represent the values of this diverse community, who are the name The Morgan School. Not Charles Morgan! The Morgan School is a proud and respected name in this community as well as surrounding communities because of its students and many successful graduates and the name should remain the same.

Removal of the statue does not remove history. In fact, viewing some of these statues has us look back at history and remind us we still have work to do for the sake of human kind.

Faithe Mangler