Thursday, May 13, 2021


Access to Healthcare

As a registered nurse, of utmost importance to me is that all people should have access to affordable, quality, and competent healthcare. Since she first ran for office two years ago, State Representative Christine Palm (D-36) has worked hard to achieve just that.

In her first year in office, she introduced a bill to broaden certified nurse assistants’ ability to perform a simple test for urinary tract infections in elderly patients to quicken treatment and help avoid costly emergency room visits, and another bill to expand medical coverage for mammograms. She co-sponsored legislation that would reduce teen vaping, protect women’s reproductive healthcare, encourage businesses to employ people with autism spectrum disorder, reduce child sexual abuse, promote aid in dying (compassionate care), and make epinephrine more accessible. Having cared for her own mother who suffered from dementia, she helped push through a bill to increase providers’ training in recognizing the early signs of Alzheimer’s.

Once COVID-19 hit, she turned her attention to making wellness check-in calls to her constituents throughout our district. And during the recent special session, she voted for caps on insulin costs and to expand telehealth services, during and beyond the current public health crisis.

Now she’s running for re-election. We must have a representative who will continue to advocate for sensible healthcare and quality-of-life-improving measures.

As a healthcare professional, I give her my full support.

Cindy Lignar