Friday, May 14, 2021


No Party Stamp of Approval

My name is John Philip May and I am running for state representative for District 35. I am running with the Green Party and I would like to share why.

Our local Green Party is strong and made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds: from police officers and teachers, financial service professionals, doctors and professionals in the medical field, and independent, small business owners. All of us share one value in common: We love our part of Connecticut and want to see it thrive.

We want to keep our seniors from having to move away, keep our young people here with the opportunity of good paying careers; we want our business owners to succeed; we want to attract employers, improve our schools, celebrate our outstanding police force as a model for community based policing; and make this an area to flourish for generations to come.

So why be Green as opposed to Democrat or Republican? Being a Green means you do not have party leaders to answer to; being Green means we represent our community and not a platform. If the predictions of “things looking worse” economically in 2021 come true, isn’t it better to have a representative who will vote based on quality of legislation and not on a party stamp of approval?

I ask my fellow community members for their support this November to represent our towns in Hartford.

John May

John May is the Green Party candidate for the 35th District General Assembly seat.