Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Smart, Qualified, and Committed

In the upcoming election, I support and endorse Christine Goupil, a Clinton Town Council member who is the Democratic candidate for 35th District state representative. I am supporting Christine because she is smart, extremely well qualified, and committed to making sure that our communities and region prosper. One of Christine’s many accomplishments as first selectman of Clinton was to spearhead the redevelopment of the old Morgan School site. When completed, that project will provide jobs and increased tax revenue. As first selectman, she also worked hard to redevelop the Unilever site.

Christine has well-thought-out positions on the issues we face, such as the need to protect the environment and to develop a budget that provides support for middle-class families. One issue that is particularly important to me is the need for all people to have access to quality healthcare. Christine believes that because healthcare is a basic human right, it cannot be tied to employment and we should transition to universal healthcare. Christine’s position on this issue is especially meaningful during this difficult time because so many people have lost their jobs and benefits.

Christine’s tireless work on behalf of her community, and her plan to work to provide the services Connecticut residents need and to develop a budget that will grow the state’s economy, make her the best candidate in this race. I encourage your readers to vote for Christine Goupil for state rep.

Laurie Jaffe